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Migrating F103 to F4 what can I expect ?

Question asked by mccarty.michael on Sep 16, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by mccarty.michael
Hello all,
 I've developed some pretty awesome stuff on my STM32F103VET6 and my STM32F0 Discovery (STM32f101rb). I'm able to add a few ifdefs here and there and switch the code back and forth between them easily. 

  I  was getting ready to order some more boards and stumbled upon the stm32F4discovery board and started to look at the specs. For about $2 more a chip I get x3 the power and memory, which I could really use !! 

 So I started to think how easy it would be to migrate between my m3 code and this m4. I looked up the pins and it seems to be pin compatible. But when I use keil and try and make a new project there is no selection for the m4.

  It all boils down to:
   - would my code written for the m3 using std peph work with the m4 ?
   - would I have to buy something to go with keil to get it to support m4 ?

I could just switch to linux and have more support for more devices (i think). Sorry I spend so much time coding and testing I dont really mess with my dev environment so I was wondering if any of you have gone down this path.

 As always, thanks for reading !