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Issue with on board ST-linkSTM32F4 Discovery to connect with an external STM32 device

Question asked by STM32 on Sep 15, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2012 by STM32
Hi all;

I have an issue with connecting an external MCU target (STM32F103ZE) with the onboard STM32F4 Discovery ST-Link.
I had this message:
"fatal error: ST-Link, failed to identify target MCU - Check hardware and interface selected"
I'm using IAR6.30 and tried to load the demo to STM3210E-EVAL with the Debugger configuration settled to ST-Link.
The STLink utility is already installed and I tried to connect to the Eval board and I have succeded. Even I have loded a binary file with it!
Connections between ST-Link and .STM3210E-EVAL:

ST-Link    Target
SWCLK ---> PA14
GND   ---> GND
SWO   ---> PB3

Does The on board ST-Link is supposed to connect only to STM32F4 devices or all STM32 devices?

thanks in advance