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Reprogramming STM8S005K6

Question asked by sat.e on Jun 14, 2015

Good evening ST Community,

 I am a complete newbie in microcontrollers and programming. Only advanced in Excel macro building, but not sure if that will help =D Well, also had some time spent on Arduino a few years ago, and even managed to make a thermometer with an LCD display, but that’s the top.

 Recently got a small RC drone (Hamleys RC Mini Drone), with which I had some fun around 1.5 days, and then got bored. That is when I got this crazy idea about trying to reprogram the drone to the autonomous flight – much more fun than controlling it myself, I think.

 After “disassembling” the whole sing, I found out that the brain of this toy is STM8S005K6, which is the reason I’m writing this message on this forum.

The main question i have at the moment is whether or not it is possible to “extract” the existing code from STM8S (assuming that the code is not protected by the manufacturer of the toy)? I’m planning to reverse-engineer it to the autonomous flight. Suprisingly, i was not able to find any related infoon my own..

I’d really appreciate all suggestions regarding this matter! Thank you in advance!