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Reading data from array

Question asked by delkons on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by delkons
I'm developing application which include I2C communication, so I have implemented code from AN8231.

So far it works fine and I got data from I2C peripheral in input_buf[]. Data are valid, and I can see them in watch window in the debugger session. But when I try to use data ie:
Raw_X_L = input_buf[0];
it is always 0x00  which is not valid value (from watch window).

Here is code:
u8 input_buf[MAX_INPUT];    //receiving buffer
u8 output_buf[MAX_OUTPUT]; //transmitting buffer

void Read_M (void)
    output_buf[0] = (OUT_X_L_M | 0x80);
    while (!I2C_WriteRegister(lsm9ds0_xm_addr,SEV_BIT_ADDRESS, STOP, 0x01, &output_buf[0]));
    while (!I2C_ReadRegister(lsm9ds0_xm_addr, SEV_BIT_ADDRESS, STOP, 0x06, &input_buf[0]));
Raw_X_L = input_buf[0];

How to assign data from input_buf[] to variable? At the same time I can assign value from output_buf[].

Compiler is COSMIC STM8

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