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Halt Mode of STM8S

Question asked by Hardip on Jan 17, 2015
Hello Friends,

I am working with STM8S to develop Remote Control.
So, I want that my STM consume low power during halt mode & it will wake up based on GPIOC (switch) Interrupt.

sw press = remote send on command
sw press = remote send off commnad
I uses halt() function which is in <stm8s.h>  library.

During Run time (Continuous Work)  = 20 mA Power Consumption
After halt() function:
During Halt mode = 10 mA Power Consumption.

My Que are :
->>> only halt() function is enough to use ST in Halt Mode ? or any other Flag need to be set ?
->>> How to maximum power consumption in STM8S (because 10 mA is too much) ? 

Thanks & Regards,