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Stm8s discovery linux tool for stm8

Question asked by tuxd3v on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by tuxd3v
Hi guys,
I am developing a tool for linux.

grab it from :

Its for amd64 machines, it will create a folder on /tmp (where it will hold the session, and temporary stuff), and a folder on your home desktop, where you will deal with bin code for stm8 target..

do a ./lypus --help to see options :)

for now only read is available, and only bin format by default...
I forgot to say that for now only bootloader is enable..
stlinkv1 is planned but not active, I need to redefine the backend of the application..

some examples:
we will create a session, and at the same time, we will ask stm8s105c6 for mcuid  and you will see the memory maps

./lypus --mcu stm8s105c6 --proto uart --baud 115200 --dev /dev/ttyUSB0 --session --info

after you create a session you don't need --mcu,--proto, etc
to do the same :
./lypus --session --info

read flash on default lypus folder in your home desktop, to default file:
./lypus --session --read --zone flash

to read only the first 100 bytes of flash zone
./lypus --session --read --zone flash --number 100

to read only the last 256 bytes of flash zone
./lypus --session --read --zone flash --addr 0x0xff00 --number 100


to read only the last 256 bytes of flash zone
./lypus --session --read --addr 0x0xff00 --number 100

type ./lypus --help to see options :)

for now only available for stm8105c6, but its easy to add support for more mcu's, if you want your supported you can read the file README.txt

and create an entry like that, afther drop me a line in the email in the tool.

Remember to enter bootloader mode you have a little bit more than a second to reset the mcu, and run the lypus program in computer, obviously you should have your serial or usb/uart converter already connected.

give me your feedback :)