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Eclipse GNU ARM Embedded Launchpad Support for STM32Nucleo with STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeF1

Question asked by o_connor.sean on Mar 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by STM32Cube-T
I have a Nucleo F103RB board that I'm trying to get setup in eclipse with the ARM launchpad toolchain (GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors) . So far I've got something working using the launchpad toolchain (blinking an LED) from the project template that's packaged with Liviu's GNU ARM eclipse plug-in. I use the mbed online IDE, but for me at least, it's not always practical, and I do the bulk of my electronics/embbedded work in eclipse or VS anyway.

What I really want though is to have the portability and directory structure that you get with the STM32CubeFx packages (in eclipse, because that's where the rest of my projects are), so that the project is portable and scalable between STM32 micro-controllers and maintains compatibility with the HAL Library and middleware in STM32CubeF1 (rather than using the stdperiph library). I thought that the STM32CubeMX would be able to help me here, so I got the eclipse plug-in going, but it doesn't have an option to generate code for the launchpad or sourcery code bench toolchains, or any other toolchain that is commonly used with eclipse. So what's the point in having the eclipse plug-in if it doesn't let you create projects for eclipse? I found someone else also asking the same question over here.

So is there a way or an update to make STM32CubeMX do what I want, and generate eclipse project files for the launchpad toolchain? Also, the STM32CubeF1 package has some great resources (templates, FreeRTOS examples and the like) but doesn't have support for eclipse/launchpad - is there at least a empty project template suitable for importing into eclipse. If not, I guess I can just copy and paste from the TrueStudio output files... but that seems like a really poor option for a relatively new line of boards/micros.