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If Statement and Operands on STM8L

Question asked by pietroforte.angelo on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by Ian Legg
Would someone assist with the logic of my 4 stage if-statement.  It basically performs one of four groups depending upon how 2 dip switches are set.  The problem is that no matter how I set the 2 dip switches it always goes to line 868 (see attachment).  I can never get it to go to line 859, 862, or 865, no matter how I set the external dip switches.  I have monitored the dip switches and they are functioning properly as a 3.3V or 0V logic level, depending upon dip position.  Dip 1 interfaces to PA2, and dip 2 interfaces to PC5.

Maybe I don't have my parenthesis set correct, or maybe my center & needs to be &&?  Perhaps my ! is not the correct operand?  I even tried a different approach as per line 839-855, but that didn't work AT ALL, i.e., after setting breakpoints at 841,845,850,or 854, it never stopped.