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IAP bootloader source code for STM8S

Question asked by su.ha on Dec 18, 2014
I’m going through this application note on the ST website:

The application note states that it comes with source code for an example of an IAP bootloader implementation: 
“For this purpose, an example of a user-bootloader firmware is provided with this application note. This package is divided into three main subdirectories, each one dedicated to one STM8 family member: STM8AF, STM8L and STM8S. For the STM8AL family, please use the STM8L directory. Each directory is composed of the following components: 
● Sources: containing the firmware source code”

However, the download link on the same page (STSW-STM8062) only has S19 hex files and no source code. 

I was wondering if someone could provide me with the source code. Any help would be appreciated.