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Urgent: STM8S003F3 reset pin gets damaged

Question asked by takniki.vindhyachal on Dec 5, 2014
I am using STM8S003F3 & attached is circuit.
I have connected some switches in pull-up configuration as shown.
After some correct operations, I have seen that some of boards stopped working.
It was problem 1 as below in damaged boards & problem 2 in one of damaged board.

1. On debugging, I had checked that voltage at reset pin is around 2V.
This keep the device in reset state & won't allow running.
I don't understand why this is happening. All the voltages that I have applied are within range.
I have also removed the RC network across reset pin, but still pin is showing 2V approx.
What could be possible reason?

2. On one of switch pin, either I give 0V or 5V, software always read zero.
However when I configure same pin as output, I am able to toggle the pin.
But as soon as configured as input, it always read zero.
All other switches are working fine i.e can read them properly.
What could be possible reason?

3. Board works fine for some operations but suddenly reset pin problem occur after that.