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24-bit ADC interfacing with STM8S105

Question asked by sanghvi.rajiv on Nov 5, 2014

I am interfacing a 24-bit ADC(HX711) with STM8S105 (STM8S discovery board).
The intention is to read the weight(mv) from a loadcell(weight sensor) convert it via ADC to counts and display those counts via UART in PC terminal.
The excitation voltage for the loadcell is 5V via STM8S discovery board(Vcc pin).
The ADC works on a 2 wire serial format comprising of serial clock input(SCK) & serial data output(SDA). SDA is connected to pin 6 of port B(configured as i/p) & SCK is connected to pin 0 of port E(configured as o/p).  Now the terminal is displaying the adc count as 0x7fffff(range is 800000-7fffff) and is constant even when applying load on the loadcell. If anyone has an idea what i could be doing wrong, pls guide.
Thanks in advance