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STM32F04T6: development wit IAR workbench

Question asked by sidekick on Mar 24, 2015
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I've recently started learning application development on ARM platform STM32F04T6 seem to be a perfect fit for my requirement. In past I did some programming under IAR workbench for TI MSP430 using IAR workbench and hence I wanted to use the same IDE for this (STM32F04T6) microcontroller too. IAR does have a support for this. So far so good, and now I want to use already existing libraries and header files for rapid development, But I can't seem to find the proper header file (let's say, I need some #defines for register addresses to begin with ). After some googling, I found "stm32f0xx.h" file, but If you notice, this file includes some other header files which themselves include some other header files and so on. Because of this inter dependency between various header files, I couldn't use it. 

1: Where can I find such header files and/or SDK from ST for STM32F04T6 for rapid development ? 
2: how should I go about using such header files and/or such SDK with IAR workbench.