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STLUX 385 - GPIO interrupt.

Question asked by merski.karol on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by merski.karol
I have problem with gpio interrupt. I am trying configure and enable interrupt by calling function GPIO_Init(GPIO0, GPIO_PIN_0, GPIO_MODE_IN_FL_IT) but without success.
In interrupt handler function INTERRUPT_HANDLER(PORT2_IRQHandler,5)
I am calling GPIO_WriteReverse(GPIO0, GPIO_PIN_2) and it is not working. When I put GPIO_WriteReverse(GPIO0, GPIO_PIN_2) in main loop, it works and PIN_2 is toggled. So I configured PIN_2 correctly.

In STM8 I found EXTI_SetExtIntSensitivity(...) function. It has not representation in stlux library.

Do you have any idea why INTERRUPT_HANDLER(PORT2_IRQHandler,5) not occur? How I must to do the correct configuration?