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Remapping USART3 to SPI3 @STM32F107 not possible?

Question asked by beken.dincer on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by Clive One
Hello everyone,

I am working with the STM32F107 chip on the STM32F107VC board from IAR.

The evaualtion board has an LCD which has as its inputs SPI3_MOSI and SPI3_SKC. But since it needs to have 9 bit inputs, i can communicate with the LCD either by manually bit-banging or USART (which has a 9 bit output option).

But according to the datasheet, i can only remap USART3_SCK to SPI3_MOSI and USART3_TX to SPI3_SCK.

First of all, i can not understand, what the purpose of the above remap option can be. Is there a way, I can remap the TX of any USART to the SPI3_MOSI pin (and the Clock signals respectively)?

I hope to get an answer. If USART to SPI is not possible with STM32F107, I will do bit banging, not to loose any more time.

I am very new at embedded programming and this is my first post. I am sorry if i did not follow any rules or forgot gave any necessary information.

Thanks in advance.