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Runtime difference between µPSD33xx versions

Question asked by david_t on Jul 22, 2014

Due to the rarefaction of µPSD components, and for a given lifetime of our product (small production, while a new design is in progress) we retrieved some stocks of similar components fitting to our current design, initially using µPSD3334.

The small memory usage of our application would actually allow us to take any of µPSD3333, µPSD3334, µPSD3354 components, depending on components available on the market. We may even think about µPSD3312.

In the goal of managing main Flash software update (memory whose size and mapping differbetween the different models), is it possible from a bootloader (stored in secondary Flash) to identify which version of the µPSD it is currently running on? Or to identify how the Flash memory is organized? I didn't find the information in the 33xx datasheet. Will it be necessary to have one different bootloader (with hardcoded mapping) for each kind of device?

I'm pretty certain that the application (in main Flash) would however require to be model-specific (due to different Flash memory page sizes - unless we use always the same amount of code in each page whatever the page size?).

Thanks for your comments and advices.