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GPIO pin not driven high

Question asked by lim.huck on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by lim.huck
Ich have a question. I am connecting the output pin (PC7) of STM8S003K3 to input pin (PC7) of STM8S207S. When I set the pin to high, I do not see the input pin PC7 (as interrupt input) of STM8S207S goes to high.
The following is my pin configuration:
PC7 on STM8S003K3:
PC_ODR = 0x00; 
PC_CR1 = 0xFE;  //pc7 as push pull
PC_CR2 = 0x00;  //pc7 speed up to 10MHz
PC_DDR = 0x9E; //pc7 as output
PC7 on STM8S207SB:
PC_ODR = 0x00; 
PC_CR1 = 0xEE;  //PC7 is pull up
PC_DDR = 0x6E;  //PC7 is input

If I measured the PC7 pin of STM8S003K3 directly without it connected to the PC7 of
STM8S207S, it works. I see this pin goes high and low. The register output also shows that it is doing what I want.
Anybody can help me on this?

Sincerely yours,