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Controlling PSD I/O-pins on uPSD3354 uC

Question asked by van_Winkoop.Henk.006 on May 15, 2014

We need to modify one of our existing company products to be able to be controller by external I/O. The only externally available I/O-signals are the 6 JTAG pins. These JTAG pins are connected to the PLD I/O-Port C. I would like to control pins PC3 and PC4. But somehow I do not managed to get them active.

These next items are applied:
- set PC3 and PC4 to GP I/O mode in PSDsoft Express
- set the CSIOP to address 0x7F00 in PSDsoft Express (last 256 Bytes of the 32KiB SRAM)
- set the PC3/PC4 data direction registers (at address 0x7F14) to '1' (output)
- toggle PC3/PC4 output registers (at address 0x7F12)

But nothing happens on the outputs. Testing them as inputs also shows no results.

Maybe I forgot some setting in the PSD part of the uC?