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STM32Cube library bug and config requests

Question asked by Burton.Mark on Mar 18, 2015
Hi, I am working on my first project using STM32Cube for the F4 and it's going quite well. I only use Linux so I am running the cube using wine and compiling using a Makefile and programming/debugging using openocd and gdb.

Anyway, I have one bug report and a few requests:

1 - the routines SD_read() and SD_write() in sd_diskio.c incorrectly cast the results of a 32 bit multiply to 64 bits when they should actually cast one of the operands to 64 bits before doing the multiply.

2 - I couldn't get the SD IO to read/write reliably without using DMA so it would be nice if the cube could give you an option in the FATFS setup to choose that. When using DMA, the SD_read() and SD_write() routines need to call BSP_SD_ReadBlocks_DMA() and BSP_SD_WriteBlocks_DMA() respectively.

3 - The cube should not output code to reset the RTC date/time on startup because that loses the current state. It would be better to make that an option.

4 - It's a pain that when the code files are regenerated, the dates in the comment at the top of each file are updated even when none of the contents have been changed - it makes it more work to determine what has actually changed because you have to look at every generated file to see if something has been changed and if it hasn't, the file can be reverted to its previous state.