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Assembly code

Question asked by chandran.saji on Jul 24, 2014
With reference to the query posted on 23-7-2014 regarding assembly code interrupt routine i would like to elaborate and explain the detailed requirement.we had started using STM8 with assembly language and found difficulties in setting of interrupt routine we had'nt find any documentation related to the same, if there is any document related let me know. Since i am not getting any sufficient support from the Indian  field application engineers.Indian field application engineers only support for the issues which they are aware of, not for the other issues which are facing  by the customers.All ready i found all the microcontroller families of ST was excellent  and so we are using STM32 family for our projects with coocox IDE . Hence confirm ST group supports in India for bright future.
Please find query related attachment for your verification and kindly explain me how to use interrupt routine for assembly based code.As per the attachment interrupt is generating but always goes to the same vector i.e default (NonHandledInterrupt).kindly acknowledge for the issues with solutions.