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Problem with Flash Loader Demostrator Version 2.7.0

Question asked by rubow.keith on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by park.jinho.001
I am having a problem with Flash Loader Demonstrator Version 2.7.0. I am trying to program the FLASH of an STM32F427ZIT ARM processor using the USART3 serial port. I am running Flash Loader Demonstrator on an XP computer with a real COM1 serial port. I connect COM1 to USART3, power up my board (with the appropriate boot jumper in place), and launch Flash Loader Demonstrator.
On the first screen I select UART, COM1, 38400 baud, 8 bits, even parity, echo disabled, timeout(s) 10. I click Next.
On the second screen it says Target is readable. Please click "Next" to continue. I click Next.
On the third screen it says Please select your device in the target list. It has selected STM32F4_27_37_29_39_2048K, PIS 0419, BID 7.0, Version 3.1. I believe this is correct. There is no other option in the target list. I click Next.
On the fourth screen I select Download to device, select my HEX file, and select Erase necessary pages, Optimize (Remove some FFs) and Verify after download. I click Next.
On the fifth screen it indicates progress for Erasing, Downloading and Verifying, and says Download operation finished successfully. I click Back to go to the previous screen.
It returns to the download to device screen. I click Back to go to the previous screen.
It momentarily displays the Please select your device in the target list screen, then Flash loader Demonstrator simply closes. There is no error message. The application simply vanishes from my screen.

This is clearly not right. I should be able to click Bact until I return to the first screen so I can then program another device. This needs to be fixed. Did anyone even bother to test Flash Loader Demonstrator Version 2.7.0? I shouldn't have to say this, but it should not crash.