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Where can I get a complete description of SFRs

Question asked by herrick.tony.001 on Jun 12, 2014
I am new to STM parts.  the data sheet I have from ST on the 8 bit MCU does not have a detailed description of SFR's.  So I need someone to post a link to the files because I have looked all over and found a bunch of stuff I can't use. 

Also is there any example projects for basic stuff out there?  I need to do something very basic and none of the documentation I have found explains how to do it.  What I need to sart with is an interupt from a timer overflow so I can set up a 1msec flag for general state machine control.

Thanks for any help!

I am adding that if I break in the debugger and set the values it works.  but using the following code is not setting the values. 
  TIM4->ARR = 0x80;                 
  TIM4->PSCR= 0x07;
  TIM4->IER = 0x01;
  TIM4->CR1 |= 0x01;