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DAC parasitic pull-up?

Question asked by tyugay.igor on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by tyugay.igor
I have working code for DAC testing, and it works fine on STM8L152C6 (Discovery board), but meet some problems with STM8L152K6. It works about as expected, excepting output has permanent additional value 0.88V. I tried PB4..PB6 pins with same result. And output volatge doesn't depend from switching on/off output DAC buffer (I suppose it should be changed a little bit). 

All pins input mode without pull-up. Testing code is very easy:
1. initialize RI (alllow comparators)
2. map DAC to pin
3. write exact value to DAC in loop
nothing unusual. 

Tried different MCU on different PCB. Nothing connected to output pins excepting voltmeter. But error still there.

Some ideas?