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STM32F0 & STM32F1 code compatibility

Question asked by Pellek on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by Pellek

I m just complete with a project using a STM8S. I went through development with a STM8S-discovery, which is by the way a great evaluation tool : cheap, and no useless peripherals such as LCD. Just had to solder a daughterboard to plug on the racks of pins to get the things working.

I have to start now a project using an STM32F100. However, there is only 1 available evalboard priced ca 240€, with dozens of peripherals i don't need. I just want a board with the mcu, quartz, pins and something to program it.

Now to the point ;)
I m considering buying a STM32F0-discovery. It won't have everything i need, but i could be able to developp and test most of what i need. I'm wondering if the libraries of F0 and F1 series are compatible. I mean, if i developp on F0, using the FWlibs, will I have to change something when i change to F1 later ? are the 2 libs using exactly the same functions ?