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STM32F4DISCOVERY - PC0 and PB2 pins

Question asked by b.gui on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by b.gui

    I would like to have some more information in regard of the PC0 pin on the STM32F4Discovery. I read on the forum that quite some people use this pin as an adc channel, but on the User Manual I can see that it's already used by the development board for the USB PowerOn and I can see on the USB_OTG_FS schematic that it's used for USB_OTG_PowerSwitchOn.

So I'm wondering, is it just a feature like to activate a wakeup or something like that or it's necessary for the USB to work ? Can someone give a little explanation on this PowerSwitchOn and what it's used for ? If I remember well, I've seen someone using it at the same time as a virtual com port with the usb. So that's why I'm intrigued...

Another question, what is the PB2 pin used for ? is it just a pin that is not connected to the microcontroller ? Just wondering since there is nothing written on the manual but it's listed as a free I/O and it's not written "nc" on it.

Thanks a lot !

P.S. Sorry if it's a beginner question, I'm learning to work with microcontroller at the moment and have quite a big project in mind that I'll need to use many adc channels.