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Getting hardfault with CubeMX F1 in CAN_Receive_IT

Question asked by Svenn on Mar 9, 2015
I'm using CubeMX F1 and setting up an project for MDK-ARM with only CAN1 non-blocking RX.
When receieving an CAN message and do a break in the CAN1_RX0_IRQHandler I can se it has got the message right, and it calls the HAL_CAN_IRQHandler wich then calls CAN_Receive_IT and after about 3 steps in the CAN_Receive_IT I get IMPRECISERR hardfault error.
But if I do exactly the same for an F4 it works fine.

Should I do something different on the F1 than the F4 or is it an issue with the HAL_CAN for the F1 in CubeMX?

Any help is appreciated :)