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A7986A DC-DC Design not working

Question asked by Petkovic.Martin on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by Petkovic.Martin
Hi to all,

please help!!

I made a DC-DC converter from 9-30V input and 5V output. You can find in the attachment a pdf print from the eDesign Suite.
The Cin that I'm using is: C1210C335K5RACTU
The L is: B82477G4153M
The Cout is: LMK325BJ476MM-P

On pin 2 I'm getting pulses with around 500kHz which is OK.
But, the waveform that I'm getting on pin 1, which is also attached, has additional pulses that are strange to me.

For output currents greater than 1.5A the power supply is not working. The output voltage drops to around 4V and it is unstable.

I run out of ideas, please tell me your thoughts.