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Modifying the API of the VL53L0X for use with other uCs

Question asked by Chatouri.Manuel on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2017 by Mark Shoe
I have some questions to the developers of the API of the VL53L0X (Help from fellow users of this sensor is also highly appreciated). In the next paragraph you find the text which I already shared with customer technical support, from which I got no answer. Finally they appointed me to this forum. My request:

In order to use the above mentioned sensor and get the best results out of it I am intending to use the delivered API instead of having to deal with all numerous registers of the sensor. This proposal is made open your recommendation to use the API (and since there is no real ma of the registers).
My only problem is to adapt (modify) the API to match the microcontroller I want to use, namely the Amel ARM Cortex-M7.
In my opinion the most important part to modify is the I2C communication interface.
My question is:
- I would like to have some headlines from your software developers. I would like to know what are the important spots of the software which have be modified in order to get the API working without having to rewrite the API and having to deal with the sensor at the lowest register level. The API should be adjustable for all platforms, at least it is written so on your website.
I'd be very pleased if you would answer quickly.
Thanks in advance