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M24SR how to lock for writing

Question asked by kazola on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by JP Miller

I write the NDEF area of a M24SR with an Android Application Record. Whenever I put the tag close to the phone, it launches an application, in my case the Calculator. That is ok.

Now I want this tag to be write-protected, so its NDEF content is final and nobody can modify it anymore. I've tried using the "M24SR Demo" application to "Lock Write Access". I set a password successfully.

However, now the Android phone does not launch the calculator application anymore when put next to this tag. It says "non-compatible label". Whenever I remove the password it works again. That is NOT what I want. I simply want the content of the tag to be read-only while still working flawlessly with Android.

So, please tell me how to achieve this :) Thanks a lot in advance.