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STEVAL-ISV020V1 / AN4397: SPV1050 MPPT description error?

Question asked by jousimaa.otso on Apr 14, 2016
In the description of SPV1050 evaluation board ISV020V1 the equation of MPPT ratio is given as
MPPratio * Voc= (Vin * R3) / (R1+R2+R3) [p.12].
However, the datasheet gives 
MPPratio = R3 / (R2 + R3) [p.25].
Quick test shows that value in datasheets matches values ISV020V1 produces. 

p.s. I received my ISV020V1 without test point hooks installed. I understand test points cost money,  I'd rather pay extra dollar or 2 for having the test points on board instead of having to buy them separately, clean the holes of solder and then solder the test points in. 

p.p.s. Please let me know who I should contact about issues of logging in to your email support system.