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FlexPWM SPC56EL Driver

Question asked by Patrik Schantl on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Luigi Zambrano

I have some problems using the PWM sample project together with the SPC56xL Discovery board. The project generates different PWM signals on the PWMA pin of submodule0. I was able to adapt the PWM configuration to generate the same signal on PWMB pin of submodule0. But now, I also wanted to generate PWM signals with submodule1 of FLEXPWM1. Therfore, I configured the two additional controller pins using the pin wizard and adapted the sample code like this:

pwmStart(&PWMD1, &pwm_config_pwmcfg);
pwmStart(&PWMD2, &pwm_config_pwmcfg);
 * Starts the PWM channel 0 using 75% duty cycle.
pwmEnableChannel(&PWMD1, 0, PWM_PERCENTAGE_TO_WIDTH(&PWMD1, 7500));
pwmEnableChannel(&PWMD1, 1, PWM_PERCENTAGE_TO_WIDTH(&PWMD1, 7500));
pwmEnableChannel(&PWMD2, 0, PWM_PERCENTAGE_TO_WIDTH(&PWMD2, 7500));
pwmEnableChannel(&PWMD2, 1, PWM_PERCENTAGE_TO_WIDTH(&PWMD2, 7500));

The result is, that submodule0 still woks fine, but the outputs of submodule1 not. Is there any additional work to do, when I want to use the other PWM submodules?

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