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Problem linking in API VL53L0x

Question asked by Alay on Aug 15, 2016
I am trying to use the API for VL53L0x proximity sensor over one smt32F4Discovery developement board and I am not able to do it. The steps that I am doing are the following:
In a Keil project that it compiles and links without problem, I am adding the source file of API, these files are separated in two folder: core and platform. I have added the files of two folders to project.
After do it, I have also added related path to header file (*.h) in options for target --> C/C++ --> include paths.
After do it, I try to build target files and there are several errors, output is the following:
There are several linking errors and I am not able to fix it.
Are there some information about how to carry the API to other platform different to x-nucleo.

Thanks in advance.