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Question about rtnRate

Question asked by ishikawa.yu on Jul 10, 2016


I would like to get the signal strength very much.
So, please let me ask two questions.

The first one is about a function in vl6180x_api.c.
julien@ST said like following in the Discussion Board named "How to measure the ToF":
>No, there is no way to access to the time of flight. Only distance, signal strength, ambiance rate ...
>Signal strength is the amount of the photons coming back from the target.
>You can access to this field "rtnRate" in the struct "VL6180x_RangeData_t" below.

So, I saw the _GetRateResult function in the vl6180x_api.c.
However, I couldn't understand clearly following part:
>        calcConvTime = m_refConvTime;
>        if (m_rtnConvTime > m_refConvTime) {
>            calcConvTime = m_rtnConvTime;
>        }
>        if (calcConvTime == 0)
>            calcConvTime = 63000;
Please tell me what this function does here.

Next, is the value of the register named RESULT__RANGE_RETURN_RATE the same to that of rtnRate referred to by julien@ST?
If they have the same value, can I get the signal strength with accessing this register directly? Alternatively, can we get the range_return_rate as the signal strength with decoding it in 9.2 format (devides the value by 128)?
>We encourage our customers to use the API, no register access,  available in ST.COM
By the way, how can I access the signal strength without using api?
Because we couldn't transport api functions completely, we would like to create an original function to get the value. Can't we do that?

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