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BlueNRG missing LE Advertising Report Event

Question asked by palmer.charles on Jun 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by Marchese.Graziella
I can get two BlueNRG boards connecting, one as Peripheral and one as Central, using the code in the BLE_Chat example. In this case the Central has to know in advace the address of the Peripheral.

However, when I try to program my Central in a more realistic mode, asking it to scan for nearby Peripherals, I do not get any LE Advertising Report events. I have copied the sequence diagrams in the Bluetooth Specification, and tried both active and passive scanning. So I don't know whether I am sending the wrong commands to the BlueNRG, or whether the BlueNRG does not support Passive Scanning and Active Scanning.

Can ST please provide example code, or a sequence of commands, for Active scanning?