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VIPER 06L for 3.3VDC

Question asked by Maher.Ahmed on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Maher.Ahmed
Hi, I am using the eDesign Suite to make a 3.3VDC Power Supply , but I am facing some problems .
First of all , I got the schematic from the eDesign Suite and make it on Breadboard , It should has an output of 3.3VDC but I had 1.51V !!.
So I decided to change the design to get 3.4VDC instead, After Implementation of the new circuit on a Breadboard also , I got 3.45VDC at the beginning but after a while the output voltage is 6.3VDC !!
Also it has a very limited output current , the output voltage decreases as I connect a load .
After all of that I have decided to use a new design , so I have changed the specification of the converter to be 3.5VDC , But the schematic has something wrong , It does not show the capacitance of Cfb !
Thanks for your help.