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LSM303AGR Acclerometer **** detection

Question asked by Ashwin on Nov 6, 2016
I am planning on using LSM303AGR to detect a **** in my system. And I want LSM303AGR to send an INT1 to the CPU to wake.

I am thinking to use the accelerometer to determine this ****. Magnetometer will be in sleep state.

How do Iconfigure the device? The **** is manual. Could be along any axis. And alsocould be rotational movement. So my estimate is that the **** will be there for 25ms. It will move the device by about 2mm on any axis, It is not a very sudden movement. You can categorize the **** to be like rotating a knob on a audio system.

Whatparameters do I need to set to detect this ****.


Are thereany arduino code for this device?