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Current consumption LSM330D

Question asked by breukers.ron on Jan 7, 2015
I have read and re-read the data sheet on this device. In sleep mode for the gyro and active mode (50 Hz) for the accelerometer I expect a current consumption of 5 + 11 = 16uA. In reality I measure 120uA - 140 uA. (depending on sample).
I use the I2C interface, all inputs and outputs are properly connected to the uP. Pins 1-5, 24,25 and 28 are connected to ground, pins 6-13, 19,20,21and 23 are connected to 3.3V.
The unit functions correctly. If I put the accelerometer to sleep the consumption drops by 10uA, as expected.
I appreciate any help or suggestion anyone could give. I have googled and found nothing. What am I doing wrong??? Please help