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strange STVD behaviour

Question asked by fischer.daniel on Jun 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by fischer.daniel
Just to save you some wasted time, I have discouvered a strange STVD behaviour I would like to share with you.

I have compiled and run the ADC application (uses timer and A/D).  I managed to do this using both the Cosmic, and Raisonance toolsets.  I have then made a copy, and started to modify the ADC application.  The original application contains a file called main.c.  For some strange reason, STVD would compile each file, but then decide that the main function in main.c cannot be reached, and create its own infinite loop main.c file, which it would call MAIN.C.  Straingely, my main.c would be in the project, but its MAIN.C would seem to be the one used.  Unless I compile the original application ADC, STVD would always refuse to use my main.c.  Of course, my application, and the original ADC seemed to be IDENTICAL.  Finally, to fix what seems to be a STVD bug, I had to rename main.c to something else, say mainFile.c, and now this mainFile.c is NOT replaced by STVD with the empty main.c

Anyone else has had this experience?