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LSM9DS0 Sensor not giving Acknowledgement

Question asked by Maru.Bhavin on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by Marian L@ST
We are working on 9 Axis Sensor : LSM9DS0 which is interfaced with MCU over I2C interface. Please find the attached circuit diagram for your reference. 
Also, We have checked using evaluation board (STEVAL-MKI154V1) then it works fine with our customized on board controller, but our on board LSM9DS0 sensor not given acknowledgment. We have noticed not getting voltage on C1_XM & SETC_XM , SETP_XM.  Here we are using the below slave I2C address:
Accelerometer address - 0x3C
Gyroscope address - 0xD4

We have done below approaches but not getting any acknowledgement.
1.     Change pull resistor from 10K to 4.7K / 2.2K
2.     Remove connection of VDD_IO from VDD
3.     We have observed I2C waveform (I2C Address) is OK except acknowledgement.

please give us clarification for VDD_IO pin is this pin is used as NC(not connect) or connected to VDD?
Any help in this case will be appreciated.

Thank You