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LSM6DS3 interrupt pin not going back to low state

Question asked by n.benhur on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Zittlau_Soncini.Ales
I brought STEVAL-MKI160V1 MEMS sensor board. Bulk ID Z5T42380E024. While working with the sensor I got an issue like I enabled interrupt generation to interrupt pin INT1 for 6D orientation detection. So when ever I change the orientation, interrupt is generated and interrupt pin INT1 is going from low to high state. But it is not going back to low state for detecting the next interrupt detection. INT1 pin is maintaining high state even if I again change the orientation to first or previous state. My doubt is, is there any register or bit in a register to be programmed to make the interrupt pin INT1 becomes low and be ready automatically to serve next interrupt detection? Is this feature available in LSM6DS3 sensor?