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CR95HF USB Demo Board interface with Friendly ARM Android board

Question asked by verma.sushil on Dec 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by ST NFC
I have M24LR Discovery Kit.The present NFC & Data-logger android application works with NFC enable phones application.  We are trying to write our own android application for CR95HF demo board for Friendly ARM board.

The Friendly ARM have Three USB host. When I connect the CR95HF Demo board to USB Host, The system detects the CR95HF Board ( Friendly ARM USB controller shows STM32xxxxx).
I already develop android layout only in friendly ARM to display temperature and Messages which is in the M24LR memory. I want to know how i can procedd further to develop the working application.
Is CR95HF dll file helps .

We check the available codes for PC Software, NFC & Datalogger application.