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L297D Cold start(-10 Celcius) compliance issue

Question asked by ahmed.salman.001 on Oct 31, 2013

Hello ST Support and Peers,
The project I am working on uses two stepper motors and 2 sets ofL297D+L293 driven by a Motor controller IC which drives Step/Dir interface. Application works fine normally but when cooled down to -10 Celcius( in Environmental Chamber) for few hours and subsequently 'Cold' Powered up,L297D fails to work until warm to few degrees above freezing at which pointmotor starts spinning automatically. When dysfunctional, ABCD outputs are high,OSC also seems disabled and remains high. I can see waveforms at INHIBIT pinsthough. When left and warmed up enough, L297D OSC signal is back and outputsABCD start working. This behaviour has been verified with spot freezing using cold spray as well.Datasheet claims storage temperature is down to -40 Celsius and no apparent mention ofoperating temperature. 
Any hint would be very useful. 
Thanks in advance.