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TDA7384A: Sink size, power dissipation and load

Question asked by perujo.carlos on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2016 by jisa.sana

I'm modifying a device that no works very well. This device includes one amplifier TDA7384A, and in the old design I found several mistakes or parameters that haven't calculated. I saw the datasheet and i didn't know how can i calculate some parameters with the information in the datasheet:

- If the power supply is 12V, How can I calculate the power dissipated?
- Apart of power dissipated, for calculate the size of the sink, Is not necessary to know the Rcd of the Flexiwatt25? 
- The device have a load resistance of 8 Ohm and the TDA7384A is designed for 4 Ohm. Can a 8 Ohm load modify the response of the amplifier or only decrease the power?