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LSM9DS0 magnetometer

Question asked by winer.kris on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by chen.lianshuang
I have been assembling and testing small breakout boards with castellated pin connects using the LSM9DS0 sensor and they all return the proper WHO_AM_I register contents for both the accel/mag and the gyro. And when I jumper connect them to a microcontroller, I get expected readings from the accel and gyro.

However, occasionally, the mag reports strange results; either very low values that jump around erratically or the data read correctly on the first loop then is pegged at 2000 mGauss. I am hoping this might be due to the fact that the jumper connections are poor and there might not be enough current flow to satisfy the magnetometer draw in some cases.

Has anybody noticed erratic or malfunctioning magnetometer behavior while the rest of the sensor responses are fine? I don't want to have to solder the boards just to test them but I am afraid that just ensuring the I2C works might not be enough to ensure proper function. Any advice from ST would be helpful too!