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Problem with changing control registers of hts221

Question asked by heyen.jens on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Licciardello.Antonel

I'm using a stm32f469 disco board and a x-nucleo-iks01a1 extension board and I'm trying to set some of the control bits.
I'm able to read all registers over i2c without any problems. But if i try to write any of the control registers nothing is changed.
i also read that i have to enable the sensor by setting the corresponding bit, which of course doesn't work for me either.
The sensor is set to one shot mode (which i want to change) and until i disconnect and reconnect the power supply i always get the same value.
the temp-value is correct and the sensor changes its reading if i warm the chip up by my finger (and dis-/reconnect the power).
I think i read all documentation and i couldn't find any mysterious procedure to go through before configuring the sensor...