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.bsct and .ubsct segments

Question asked by sirus on Jun 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2010 by luca
Hello everyone,
I'm a student from Italy and I'm working on a project in which the testing platform is an STM8S-Discovery board.
I developed my project with no problem but now, after few modifications to improve the performance of the code running on the board I keep obtaining the same error (reported below):

#error clnk Debug\aes.lkf:1 segment .bsct size overflow (10)
#error clnk Debug\aes.lkf:1 segment .ubsct size overflow (10)
 The command: "clnk -l"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_16K\Lib"  -o Debug\aes.sm8 -mDebug\ Debug\aes.lkf " has failed, the returned value is: 1
exit code=1.

I found little information about .bsct and .ubsct segments, they should be related to static and static uninitialized data. The problem is that I didn't change the size of those data in the modified version of the code.

The code that compiles and runs fine contains 6 look-up tables of 256 bytes (1.5 kB total). The code that is supposed to compile, which doesn't, contains exactly 6 look-up tables of 256 bytes (1.5 kB total again). One of those tables is not the same as before, but I hardly think the contents can make any difference since it is of the same size.

Note: I tried both the debug and release mode and I see no changes.

Is there anyone that can help with this problem?
Thank you in advance.