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Accelerometer(LIS303DLH) High pass filter for "linear acceleration"

Question asked by Reddy.Harinadha on Jul 16, 2011
Hi Fabio,
( I could not find reply for my previous post by ST Fabio, so i posted the same here)
I'm using Visual Studio 2008( sometimes MATLAB for testing).I need AHRS data along with "linear acceleration".
1. Would you explain a way how to implement a High-pass Filter(HPF) which has the same response as embedded HPF of accelerometer ?
2. Does this HPF completely removes tilt( gravity) to produce linear acceleration ?
3. In LIS303DLH datasheet talks about "linear acceleration". Does this mean, it gives only "linear acceleration(gravity removed)" ?
4. Would you give any mathematical steps how to remove tilt from the acceleration to get linear acceleration.