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LSM9DS1 Active Date and Questions

Question asked by holt.lucas on Jul 3, 2014
I am considering using an LSM9DS1 over a LSM9DS0 in a design I am working on. I have read both data sheets thoroughly and think I have a pretty fair understanding of each part. My questions are as follows.

1. When is the release data for the LSM9DS1. We will need small quantaties ~50 within the next two months. 

Section 7.12 of LSM9DS1 data sheet mentions that....
ODR_G [2:0] are used to set ODR selection when both the accelerometer and gyroscope 
are activated. BW_G [1:0] are used to set gyroscope bandwidth selection.

in section 3.1  o LSM9DS1 data sheet mentions that....
In the LSM9DS1 the accelerometer and gyroscope have two operating modes available: 
only accelerometer active and gyroscope in power down or both accelerometer and 
gyroscope sensors active at the same ODR.

My question is. Is it the case that when both are enabled ODR_G[2:0] controls the ODR for both the acc and the gyro? Or must the operator configure both the ODR_XL & ODR_G of the chip with the same ODR for proper functionality?

3. Does energy consumption scale with sampling rate for the ACC channel and MAG channel like it does for the GYRO? 

Referring to table 67 for CTRL_REG6_XL
Why is the 408Hz anti alliasing filter automatically selected when 10HZ and 50HZ ODR is used? This seems to defeat the purpose of anti-alliasing