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LPS25HB Spec Discrepencies

Question asked by melhuish.ian on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by Licciardello.Antonel
DoclD027112 Rev2.
Description for CTRL_REG1 in Register description 8.6
DIFF_EN - Interrupt generation enable. Default value: 0
(0: interrupt generation disabled; 1: interrupt generation enabled)
 Text description is:
The DIFF_EN bit is used to enable the computing of differential pressure output. It is recommended to enable DIFF_EN after the configuration of REF_P_H (0Ah), REF_P_L (09h), REF_P_XL (08h), THS_P_H (31h) and THS_P_L (30h).

Question: Is this bit a DIFF_EN or is it an Interrupt Enable?

Description for CTRL_REG2 in Register description 8.7
FIFO_MEAN_-DEC - Register address automatically incremented during a multiple byte access with a serial interface (I 2 C or SPI). Default value 1. (0: disable; 1 enable)

There is no text description of the bit.
Question: Is this bit related to the FIFO operation in any way (as the bit name implies) or is it simply a register addr increment for the serial bus access?