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LSM9DS0 Low Power Consumption and Settling Time

Question asked by holt.lucas on Jul 2, 2014

I will be using this chip in an upcoming low power design. In the active mode of the system I am designing gyro, acc, mag, and temp measurements will be made continuously. In the sleep mode of the system I am designing everything will be off, and the LSM9DS0 will be used to wake the system back up via a motion triggered interrupt.

To lower power consumption in the sleep state of my system plan is to power down mag, gyro, and temp. The acc will be left on a the lowest sampling rate and will only have 1 axis enabled. Any estimates on how much energy this will consume? The data sheet has a spec of 350uA with acc and mag enabled, but I would like it to be even lower than that. Will this work?

To lower power consumption in the active state of my system I would like to know what should be done. 1st option configure the device to use fifos and measure continuously at a fixed rate. The LSM9DS0 runs autonomously and triggers interrupts when fifos are filled. 2nd option use a timer in the mcu of my system to periodically wake the LSM9DS0 up force a single sample conversion of all 9 axis and temperature. Then put the LSM9DS0 back to sleep. In the second option it is necessary for me to know the warm up time for the different measurements. Where is warm-up and settling time documented?

Primary things to be aswered.

1. Warmup & Settling time of measurements
2. Power consumption at different sampling rates. Power consumption with different axis enabled and disabled.