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LSM303D Magnetic interrupt mechanism

Question asked by ricci.enrico on Apr 2, 2016
Hi all!

I've been testing for a few days the behaviour of the magnetic sensor and its interrupt capabilities. Offset registers simply are subtracted to the magnetic field measured on all of three axis and threshold register is the value after which the interrupt rises. If the chip has enabled interrupts on three axis the recognition interrupt rises only for the first magnetic field that exceed the threshold and once this happens others axis are ignored. If the interrupt rises for the z-axis, for example, the field on the x-axis can exceed threshold and interrupt don't rises.

question 2: if i set single conversion and enable data ready interrupt, the status_m register is always read as 0 (not in continuous conversion). I'm excepting that data ready on x, y, z bit of the status_m register are set when conversion finished and interrupt rise (interrupt rise correctly). Why?